Sick Baby Toucan Lets His Personality Shine After Being Freed From Tiny Cage

We often hear about dogs and cats in dire living situations that need to be rescued. The reality is that a lot of different pets find themselves in precarious situations, especially wild animals that are forced into domestication.

Many people adopt exotic pets or wildlife to be unique, but animals take a lot of specialized care and many people aren’t ready to offer that, including the owners of a baby toucan bird.

Speaking with We Love Animals, Janelle explained that Touki the toucan had “careles owners” who kept him in a tiny, dark cage and neglected him.

She elaborated on Instagram that the owner actually bred and sold toucans and other exotic birds to pet stores, but he didn’t care them and it was all about making money. It’s never advised to support animal breeders, especially unethical breeders that neglect their pets like Touki’s owner. However, Janelle and her girlfriend couldn’t stand the idea of leaving him there to suffer so they purchased him from the breeder.

The poor bird was suffering from a broken talon and “scab like cysts” covered his body. Thankfully, Janelle and her girlfriend committed to giving him the life he fully deserved.

As Touki grew, his beautiful colors started to come in and his personality started to shine. Janelle described as being like a “flying monkey without diapers.”

Touki has the curiosity of a puppy and the independence of a cat. He’s really something special!

Check out the video below:

You can see more of Touki on Instagram or TikTok, @toukithetoucan.

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