Rescue Team Saves Horses And Other Farm Animals From Waist-Deep Floodwaters In Florida

Hurricane Ian left a path of destruction after it made landfall in Florida last week. It will take years to rebuild all the homes and buildings destroyed by the Category 4 storm. Many areas are still underwater.

Rescue teams continue to search for survivors including American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization, who is helping four-legged residents get to dry land.

Floodwaters are slowly receding but in some rural areas the water is still waist deep. American Humane’s rescue team deployed rescue trucks and boats to help animals in DeSoto County. They are working with local shelters and authorities to rescue and reunite lost pets.

They recently came across horses, goats, and a pot-bellied pig in need of rescuing.

American Humane tweeted the rescue video with the caption, “Thanks to our #Rescue team’s diligence, we are thrilled to report that the horses, goats and pig who were caught in the rising floodwaters from #HurricaneIan and found waist deep in water are now on dry ground! Here is Pixy the pot-bellied pig being carried to safety.”

A few days before that they found horses and goats trapped in a flooded barn. Photos of the rescue animals were shared and the rescue team said, “Yesterday, we found horses and goats stranded in a barn nearly submerged in water. The goats were in distress trying to stay above the rising water levels and had to be carried out. Our rescue team provided much-needed food and care to reassure them that they had not been left alone in the world. Until the flood waters recede and we can safely navigate these beautiful animals to dry ground, our team will be there daily to ensure their continued well-being.”

Their work is far from over and they will continue to search for animals in need and care for them until they can be reunited with their families. The plan is to setup shelters once the water recedes so people can locate their pets when they are able to return to the area.

“American Humane is always ready to help both animals and people impacted by catastrophic, natural disasters like this one,” states American Humane CEO and president Dr. Robin Ganzert. “Our team will be working tirelessly to do everything it can to rescue the precious animals caught in the wake of this destruction and help the resilient people of Florida come back from this stronger than ever.”

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