Black Kitten Rescued After Nearly Being Hit By a Bus, Cares for Fellow Kitten in His New Home

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Last year when my boyfriend and I were coming home from work, we saw someone in a dark car throw what seemed to be two dark cloths into a busy intersection. I stopped the car and jumped out in the middle of the traffic when I realized that they were actually two tiny black kittens.


One of them had quickly made it to a nearby garden, but the other stuck to the asphalt while a bus drove over him. He was so tiny. I could hold him in the palm of my hand. He miraculously avoided the wheels, and I grabbed him. We took him home and for the first few days, he would not even come out to eat in broad daylight.


Eventually he warmed up to us and started suckling on our clothes, hair, eyelids… he was ever so tiny. We named him Zakk – after Zakk Wilde – because he needed a strong name. We syringe-fed him a while until he learned how to eat on his own.

A couple months later, my mother was expecting us to come pick up my dog that had been with her for a couple of weeks. She called me to say she had found a tiny white kitten, no more than one-month-old, out in the October rain, meowing his lungs out.


My boyfriend said, “White cat/black cat! perfect combo!”

We brought him home, and Zakk immediately started to be the big brother to this white kitten with huge pink ears, only two marks of grey on his forehead, and a weird tabby tail. We named him Marzipan.

Zakk slept on top of him to keep him warm, and he let him have the most food. They sleep together, use the litter box together, and groom each other. They are playful and crazy at times, but the most loving souls when we get home, head bumps and pleasure purrs included.


Story submitted by Cristiana from Bucharest, Romania.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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