Three Feral Cat Brothers Were Captured for a TNR, One Was a Little “Different”

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We have a colony of feral cats in our neighborhood. I feed them, provide shelter in the winter, and do my best to trap, spay, or neuter and release them.


About three years ago, the very fertile momma cat had a litter of three very cute babies. I was eventually able to trap all three baby boy cats. The first two were pretty typical ferals. The third was a little “different”.


When I would check on him during his recovery period, he wouldn’t hiss or spit or cower, but would put his paw up to the side of the trap. When I put my hand out to touch him, he didn’t draw back. And he cried and cried until I brought the trap (with him inside) into the house.


Six weeks later, two of the brothers disappeared. One stayed behind. It was the “different” one. He was so lonely without his brothers! He began running into the house if we left the door open long enough. One day, my husband came home and found this little boy in a tree. My husband began talking to him and he literally fell out of the tree onto the ground at my husband’s feet. It was then we began to think that this little cat may not be suited for a feral cat’s life. We started to think about trying to bring him in and raising him as a house cat. Two days later, our decision was made for us.

This little guy sat at our front door and cried his little heart out until we opened the door and let him in. He hasn’t wanted back out since! He is the most loving, adorable, funny cat I have ever had! We named him Tweed because he looked as if he was wearing a little tweed coat when he was small. He comforts us when we are not feeling well, makes us laugh when we are sad, and keeps us warm in the winter. We love him more every day and are glad he decided to leave feral life behind!


Story submitted by Holly Tufts from Columbus, Ohio.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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