Kitten Named Tuna is a Catch, and He’s Looking to Reel in a Forever Home

This story was submitted by our shelter friend The Cat House on the Kings. The Cat House on the Kings saves pets’ lives in the Fresno County, California area, and the Animal Rescue Site is proud to share their stories. You can learn more about their work here!

A litter of kittens was born as the weather was changing to the cold season, even for the warm Central Valley. They were also born when the holiday seasons get busy and adoptions slow way down. Then there was the issue of being born on a busy highly-traveled street with a speed limit of some highways. Narrowly avoiding being hit by cars, the litter, including our wild at heart spirited Tuna, found safety in the arms of the person who scooped them up and brought them to The Cat House on the Kings.


The litter of four went to a foster home highly experienced with medical treatment, since they were battling the typical health issues that we see with unprotected and unvaccinated kittens. They championed their recovery from their kitten colds with their expert foster care. They now are growing quickly at 14 weeks old, while thoroughly enjoying life, love, safety, health, and loads of exploration.

Tuna’s foster mom needs help because our Adoption Rooms are still overflowing with teenagers that have been long awaiting adoptive homes themselves. Also, our fabulous foster mom needs the support of having her little love bugs find what she has given them, a loving home, so that she can focus on the next immediate need.


Spice up your life with an exuberant playful reminder of all that is good and important in life, or better yet, make it a double and adopt Tuna with one of his siblings or mates! If you check out his profile, you can also visit his sister and brother’s profile!

Here’s Tuna’s bio:

Sweet little tabby man Tuna swims merrily though his days between his lively siblings’ play times and every opportunity for lap time, complete with his wonderful purr! This handsome striped classic is as enthusiastic about boisterous romps and races as he is about snuggling down in a welcoming lap for cuddles and a cozy snooze! Having a friend in his new home would be awesome for his love of fun, as long as there’s enough room in a lap for his number one favorite pastime!


It’s no surprise this sweetheart has also gotten along great with other cats and the well-behaved dogs in his excellent foster home. What a gem he is, with his sugar-dipped smile and beautiful green eyes that highlight his iconic face with its pawsitively regal tabby forehead “M”!

Fabulous Tuna hopes to soon leap right into the heart of a deeply loving home that knows he’s quite a special catch! If you’d like to reel him in, you can apply to adopt him here!

This story was submitted by our shelter friend The Cat House on the Kings in Fresno County, California. Learn more about them here!

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