Woman Definitely Doesn’t Have a Case of the Mondays After Adopting a Sweet Pug Named Tuesday

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I have always had a soft spot for pups with a squished in face. I had a 1 year old pug at home, with no intention of bringing in another for the simple fact that Gus was such a mama’s boy. Little did I know, there was another plan.

DOG. PHOTO: PIXABAY / Andrés Carlo

I was on Facebook one morning and saw that a friend of mine had posted a picture of a sad, tiny black pug found in a very busy intersection. She had a collar but no identification. They couldn’t hold on to her, so they took her to animal services.


I thought about her for two days and finally decided to call the shelter and check on her. To my surprise, she was still there. I posted her picture on multiple “found” sites trying to locate her owner, to no avail.


After a week, I called the shelter again to find that she was, in fact, still there. I couldn’t bear the thought of her in a cold cage any longer. I went to the shelter every day to visit her until they were able to release her for adoption. I just knew this dog was meant to be mine.

The day they released her for adoption, I stood outside for two hours waiting for them to open. While signing the paperwork, I was asked what her name was. In all of our meets, I had never thought of what I might name her. I stood there for a minute, and finally I said “Tuesday”. That Tuesday morning, I signed on the dotted line and brought her home.


To this day, I am not totally sure what it was that caused me to be so attached to her. I do know that Tuesday has been a joy and a very, very close companion to me and Sir Gus. We have all been together now for almost a year. I am so grateful to have found her on Facebook that morning and for the gut feeling to not give up on my sweet Tuesday.

Story submitted by Tasha Jones from Huntsville, Alabama.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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