Senior Cat Rescued When Family Gets Rid of Him for Being a ‘Nuisance’

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After 15 years with three cats and finally saying goodbye to Buddy, my gorgeous longhaired ginger, I didn’t want to open up my heart to another kitty for a long time. I had also moved to a 4-plex house’s bachelor apartment in February, about six months after Buddy’s passing. It was too painful to live in that apartment block any longer. As well as losing my pets, my dad and older brother died within a year of one another. Before that, a close friend succumbed to her condition at 28-years-old. Too much had happened. Time for a change. Time for Timbit.


When I’d settled in and made the little flat my home, (complete with painted walls, etc) my upstairs neighbours told me of a “really, really old” cat that was about to be put to sleep unless he could be re-homed immediately. His humans considered him a “nuisance” because he kept getting into things and making messes.

Well! This “really, really old” cat turned out to be handsome, sweet and, once he figured out he was in a new home, funny and affectionate. I noticed, though, that he would flinch if I put my hand close to his face, so I wondered if they had hit the poor guy. I’m incensed that anyone would have a cat this long and THEN decide he’s not worth it… also that they may have been abusive!

It’s been almost five years now. Timbit’s showing his age and prefers to spend all his time sleeping on the kitchen mat. I keep an eye on him to make sure he uses his litter, can eat and drink, and enjoys being picked up and petted.


One day, maybe this year, I may have to say farewell to Timbit. For now, I have a lovely old kitty who shows me every day that he’s so happy to be genuinely home.

Story submitted by Kim from Victoria, Canada.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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