Couple Goes to Shelter Looking for a Beagle, Comes Home with a Blind Maltipoo

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We already had three rescue dogs, but the idea of being able to give a home to one of the recently released lab beagles was pulling at me. An adoption event listed that they had two available, and being experienced beagle owners, we went to see them. By the time we arrived, they were both adopted.


I looked at the few remaining dogs, then noticed a cage behind the sign for the event with a fluff ball covered with a towel. I couldn’t tell if it was alive or not!


I went over and it moved, a little, and I could tell it was terrified and lonely. I asked the staff about it, and they told me that he was a blind maltipoo and that nobody had shown any interest in him.


I decided that second that I was taking him home.

The minute he got in the car with us, he softened up and started giving kisses. He knew he was safe. We named him Theodore Bear and immediately started the spoiling!

Bear got home and met his siblings, who loved him from the get go! He now runs the pack; his vision impairment doesn’t stop him at all from living his best life! He navigates the house and yard with no problems. He’s a favorite at the vet and groomer.


I missed out on the beagles, but ended up with the best boy ever!

Story submitted by Jacquie Hurt.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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