After Woman Goes Into a Nursing Home, Foster Ensures She Can Keep Seeing Her Cat

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I volunteer for a rescue that takes in and re-homes pets that have been left behind when someone dies or goes into hospice or a nursing home. Most of them are traumatized, sometimes neglected due to the condition of the previous owner, lonely, and scared.


One kitty, Sweetie, came to us after her mommy went into a nursing home. She was old and rather weak, so I just took her home, as I knew not too many people would want to take a kitty at her age. Sweetie survived some pretty harrowing surgeries and procedures but remained sweet and became more vital and strong.

Her mommy, Pearl, ended up coming home from the nursing home but could not take care of Sweetie, so I kept her with me. Pearl lived half an hour away, and I asked if I could meet her and bring Sweetie to see her. It was arranged and Pearl, who was 97 at the time, had tears in her eyes when we came. Sweetie sat in Pearl’s lap just like old times. When the local news channel heard about the rescue, they came and filmed a story about our rescue, Pearl, and Sweetie that was featured on the nightly news.


I took Sweetie up every week to see Pearl until Sweetie passed away. Then I began to take one of my other cats up to see Pearl every two weeks. Pearl turns 100 this month, is sharp as a tack, and a great cat lover! I have become good friends with Pearl, and the woman who is her best friend. So besides a lot of love and beautiful companionship, Sweetie brought me two new friends!

Story submitted by Martha Ciattei.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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