Dog Discarded By Breeders for Not Being ‘Handsome Enough’ Finds Loving Home

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I had gone to the local SPCA to see a dog from their website with whom I had fallen in love. Brought my mother-in-law’s dog for the meet and great and found they got along marvelously. I asked if they could hold him until the next day, and they told me yes. Then when I went to pick him up, he had just been adopted out.

I came home in tears. My mother-in-law pulled out the paper and found an ad for a bichon frise. I had never heard of that breed before but we went to meet you anyway. When we got to your home, you were sitting inside a concrete kennel. You looked up at me and your eyes shined blue, pleading with me to take you home.


Your owners told me that you had been purchased to breed but you were not handsome enough and you were too big, so they wanted to get rid of you. You came home with me that day. Underweight and with hair that was in horrible condition, you looked rough. You curled up on my bed and went to sleep. You knew life would be different from then on.

You became my baby boy, my son. You came with me everywhere. It took a good three years before you would go to.your daddy if I wasn’t right there with you. He loved you so much, too.

Over the next 10 years you were there for my miscarriage and then the births of your two sisters. You were there through many moves, highs, and lows. You were so special. Even those who weren’t “dog people” loved you. You could brighten up just about anyone’s day.


Then you started getting older. Your hair wasn’t as thick, nor your eyes as bright. Your walking slowed, with your hind legs just not working as well as they should. Then the night came. You were having such a hard time breathing and you were crying. You laid in my arms all night long. The next morning I wrapped you up and we went to the vet. It was time. Time for me to repay you for all the love you had given me in the 13 years we were together. Time to let you go in peace with dignity. I wouldn’t let you go. I could never leave you alone. I held you until the end.

I have your ashes, your paw print, some hair, and loads of memories but none of that will take away the fact I’d rather still have you here with me. I love you so much, my dear Stevo. You were and still are my best friend. Your place in my heart will always be yours. I can’t wait until the time comes that we can reunite at the rainbow bridge.


Story submitted by Cyndi StClair.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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