Deaf Shelter Cat Keeps Getting Overlooked, Except By One Person Who Can’t Take Her In

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It was late 2008 and I was going to the local pet warehouse in Camarillo for supplies. One of my favorite parts about visiting Pet Royalty, as it was called, was the giant cat enclosure in the back where Concerned People for Animals had their rescues. It was awesome – it looked like a giant cat playground, and I always went back for a visit.


That day I noticed a new arrival: A beautiful, solid white female kitty with big green eyes. She was stunning. I wondered what her story was, so I asked the volunteer.


She told me Gina (Star’s rescue name) was about two-years-old and had been rescued from the euthanasia table just the other day, and that the colored tag on her pink collar was there because she was deaf. That broke my heart. She was going to die because she couldn’t hear. Thank heavens for CPA!


I wanted to adopt her so badly, but I already had two cats and the apartment complex I lived in would not allow more than that. I knew she would be safe there, but still, every week or two when I went into Pet Royalty I went back to visit. Months passed and she was still there. I couldn’t believe no one had adopted her. The volunteer told me many people had inquired but after being told she was deaf, they lost interest. This I could not understand!

I was always so sad to leave her behind, so in June of 2009, when my new home was in escrow, I decided I could not leave that store one more time without her. I could not allow her to live forever in limbo simply because she could not hear. That day she found her forever home and became Isis Star, because she shines like a star in the night with my two solid black kitties. It took her a while to come around, but she is now a big, lovey lap cat who talks loudly and is everyone’s friend. She will always be my beautiful shining Star!


Story submitted by an anonymous user from Thousand Oaks, California.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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