Husky Becomes Depressed When Best Friend is Adopted, Waits Sadly for New Home

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It was a Saturday morning when I saw on my Facebook’s newsfeed the picture of a beautiful husky. The local dog shelter was begging urgently for a foster home for the weekend because of the heat wave. I didn’t want pets in the house at the time because I had just moved in by myself and I was a bit intimidated by it. But I kept thinking about him, and I kept going back to check the post and see whether he was adopted or fostered. After a while, I decided to call and ask about him.


The girl from the shelter told me they had found him abandoned on the streets. He was in the shelter for eight months, and after his best friend was adopted, he went into depression and hadn’t eaten properly in weeks. With the high temperature, his situation was getting worse. On the Friday before I got him, she found him lying on the ground, thinking he was dead. She held him in her arms and realized he was barely breathing.

I went immediately to the shelter to pick him up, but he looked nothing like the picture I had seen. He was practically a skeleton dog who could barely walk. After I fostered him for the weekend, they asked me if I could foster him for a month until he got better and could travel. They were going to send him to Germany to be adopted where the weather is colder and he would have been happier.

Maybe I was being selfish for wanting to keep him in this warm country, but I just couldn’t give him away. I kept thinking how he would have felt abandoned again and I was petrified of how long it would have taken him to be adopted in Germany. He would have gotten over me eventually, but I would have never gotten over him. All I know is that now he’s a happy, healthy dog who loves long walks and chilling on the couch with me! He could not have been more loved.


Story submitted by an anonymous user from Nicosia, Cyprus.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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