Dog Cares for Kitten, Who Grows Up Thinking She’s Also a Dog

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My Smudge came to me through 4 Paws Animal Rescue while I was in hospital after having back surgery. The lady that owns my place looked after her a few days until I got home, as I already had an adult cat and had experience with lots of kittens from cats that I have owned in the past. The lady thought I could help this little one. Smudge was only 3-weeks-old, and all her brothers and sisters unfortunately passed away at the vet surgery the same day they were found outside a local pound where they were offered to our animal rescue organisation.


Well I didn’t have mumma cat to care for her, so to the local library I go, as I have always had a mother cat to look after her kittens. I needn’t have worried. My dog Jess was a great fill in mum, all I had to do was feed Smudge and Jess did the rest. We also had foster dogs at the time. Smudge loved being around them, not so much my adult cat Tigger at the time. Now Tigger is an old girl of 13 and has accepted Smudge as one of the family.

Smudge is now 8-years-old and still thinks she is a dog. She’s such a character. If she wants attention when I am sitting in my car, she will jump up and tap my arm with her paw. She also loves to go for a walk on her lead to our local park next door. Since I have had Smudge, 4 Paws Animal Rescue have given me a few more young kittens to raise. They have all found their fur-ever purrfect homes.

The photo is of Jess and Smudge, when she was approximately 4-weeks-old.


Story submitted by Wendy Hardaker from Bli Bli, Australia.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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