13-Year-Old ‘Sir Charles the Cat’ Ready to Rule Benevolently Over Forever Home

This story was submitted by our shelter friend The Cat House on the Kings. The Cat House on the Kings saves pets’ lives in the Fresno County, California area, and the Animal Rescue Site is proud to share their stories. You can learn more about their work here!

Please may we introduce Sir Charles, our royal Flame Point with all the gentlemanly qualities of a sovereign.


For those reading this that are reaching their golden years, you understand that although your mind may be in your youth, your body has its complaints and issues that may need to be addressed. It isn’t easy to maintain patience with the not so fun processes you have to go through to keep thriving and living well. Our dear Sir Charles is certainly in his golden years at the age of 13.

Now for our staff that have been here as long as Sir Charles is old, they see the tiny kitten that he was when he first came to The Cat House. Adopted as a kitten, he was heartbreakingly returned because his adopter was moving and couldn’t find housing that would accept pets.


Happily, he didn’t stay long on that return, and he was adopted again by his loving person he’d spend many years with. He lived a cherished, engaged, joyous life with his person for 10 years and then his person passed away. Sir Charles came back to The Cat House as a senior this time and thus began his medical journey of age needs.

His resplendent catitude towards being poked, prodded, weighed, etc. deepened our bond with him while giving our hearts hope that he will find his senescence adopter very soon. He bravely has had a dental so that he can maintain his wellness and live deliciously as his regal self. We turn now to the public to help our aristocratic Sir Charles find his illustrious adopter! Here’s his adoption profile:


This beautiful 13-year-old Flame Point was originally adopted from us as a kitten, then returned when his adopter passed away. So, through no fault of his own, he is back with us and is looking for a loving family to open their arms to him! Charlie is a friendly, mellow, social “lap cat” sort of fellow who enjoys napping, sleeping, lounging, watching out the windows, and generally hanging out with people and other cats. And he is gorgeous, with amazing blue eyes! Charlie has had a dental and full senior panel from our vet and is ready for his forever home.

Do you want to allow this distinguished gentleman to reign over your household? Apply to adopt him here!

This story was submitted by our shelter friend The Cat House on the Kings in Fresno County, California. Learn more about them here!

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