Family Adopts a Kitten for Their Other Kitten to Play With, It Ends Up Being Her Littermate

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It was February 2010, and I had recently lost my 13 year old kitty. I missed having him shadow me and needed the companionship. We went to the local shelter, and I found Starlight, a four month old short-haired kitten who stole my heart! She quickly made herself at home with me, and we formed a deep bond.


Unfortunately, we had another older cat who didn’t appreciate this new interloper. Being an active kitten, Starlight wanted to play with Jasmine, who wanted nothing to do with her. We discussed the possibility of getting another cat to play peacemaker, but we were reluctant to add another cat to our household.


After she’d been with us for four months, I randomly visited the shelter’s website to see the available cats. Imagine my surprise when I found Starlight’s picture back on the adoption page! In the photo, she was pictured with another cat, cuddling together. He was a long-haired male cat, who looked very much like my Starlight, and they were the same age. I called the shelter and confirmed it… He was her brother! He had been adopted before Starlight, but his new owners could not keep him when they moved to a new apartment.


We went to the shelter that day to meet Spock. He was very easygoing, gentle, and very playful. We made the decision to bring him home and reunite him with his sister.

They didn’t recognize each other at first, and for a few hours, I wondered if I’d made a mistake. But by that evening, they had begun romping around and playing together! Starlight had someone to play with, and Spock’s easygoing nature made him the perfect peacemaker between Starlight and Jasmine. They have all been a joy to our lives ever since!


Story submitted by Crystal Odam from Sutherlin, Oregon.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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