Feral Cat Has Two Kittens in Family’s Attic

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One day in June of 2004, my grandmother and I found that somehow, a feral mama had made her way into our attic and had two very fat adorable tan kittens. They were only a few days old, eyes still shut. I held the smaller of the two in the palm of my hand. Mama cat later moved them and we didn’t see them for a while. We continued to feed the mama cat in the hopes of getting all three of them friendly.


As the kittens got older, they ventured downstairs but were still hissing at us and running away. After weeks of luring them with canned food, they finally started to like us. The smaller kitten got very, very sick. The larger kitten we named Pepito, but we held off on naming the smaller one because we were sure he wouldn’t make it. By some miracle he pulled through and ended up with the name Sibling, because we’d kept referring to him as “Pepito’s brother”. Pepito stayed with my grandmother, and Sibling decided I was his human.

He became a very friendly and lovey kitty, following me everywhere and sitting in my lap while I worked. He loved to eat and cuddle with his adopted brothers, Jesse and Malan. When it got cold, he snuggled under the blankets with me. During warmer weather, he would sleep by my head. He loved to be carried everywhere, and he always greeted me when I came home from work.


One day, we noticed he was drinking a lot of water and had been losing weight. Our vet found he had developed chronic kidney disease. We immediately started him on special food and sub-C fluids, but being a feral from an unhealthy colony left him with a weak immune system and the disease progressed quickly. In November of 2014, his kidneys finally gave out and we tearfully said goodbye.

Sibling gave us ten wonderful years. I am so thankful to have found him. He was a sweet, wonderful kitty and we miss him dearly.


Story submitted by Viktorya from Mesa, Arizona.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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