Stray Cat Suffering From Glaucoma Loses His Eyes But Gains a Forever Home

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I catch and release and feed the strays and ferals in my neighborhood. One evening as I was getting ready to feed them, I noticed Scar. He was a big, fluffy grey kitty that would hang around a big orange kitty I had named Mufasa (hence the name Scar).


Well, as the months went by, I noticed that Scar’s eyes were dilated and looked to be larger than normal. As I watched him he seemed okay, but I could feel in my belly that something was wrong and that I had to do something about it.

My feeling was correct, as I learned the next day at feeding time. Scar was searching for his food that was right in front of him. After that, I talked to my roomie/best friend, and she agreed that we had to help!

The next day, we made our spare bedroom up for Scar. After we got him in and settled, I then got him to my vet, Dr. Barnard. Doc B had confirmed what I thought, glaucoma! We tried the drops but knew that we would have to make the decision to have his eyes removed! Well, the time came to have the left eye removed, and we knew the right eye would be next. I made the decision to have both done at the same time so that it would be less traumatic for Scar.


After the surgery, a year of payments and four years later, we have a happy, healthy, frisky blind kitty who runs the house! Feels good not to turn a blind eye to an animal in need!

Story submitted by Trisha Crance from Chandler, Arizona.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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