Dog Spends Life Providing Support for Others, From a Person with a Disability to One with Cancer

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Every memory I have with Sammy is so special. We got him for my father who was elderly and had just lost his dog. I could tell how depressed he was, so we found Sammy. He was with a family whose brother had a mental disability and was moved into a facility. Sammy was still a puppy. My dad was so happy to have him until he passed away. Then we brought him home with us.


Sammy was such a good boy with the best personality. He was always there to comfort us and play; he would just look at you and you would smile and feel happy! Then my husband was diagnosed with CLL leukemia and went through a bone marrow transplant. It was very hard to deal with physically and emotionally. He was in and out of the hospital and he needed a lot of care to become strong again. Sammy kept us both strong.

Then when Sammy was 12-years-old, the veterinarian told us he had Cushing disease. Our hearts were broken, we could not do anything to stop this disease from progressing after all love he gave us! We will always miss him so much.


So my favorite memory is every one of them we shared with him, he was a special dog with whom we had so much fun and who shared so much love with us.

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