Cat Wanders Into Home Improvement Store, Improves Employee’s Home By Going Home with Her

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I first met my cat Sally at work. I work in a big box home improvement store, and somehow this little kitty wandered into the store. There are a lot of stray cats in the area, especially in the woods behind the building.


This kitten was spotted hiding under racking, making her way through the aisles. She ended up in our receiving area. I was worried about her getting run over by a tow motor, so my coworkers and I all tried to catch her. Finally we did, and I put her in a box, ready to take her home.


We already had one cat and I was pregnant, so I was worried what my fiance would say when I brought her home. The plan was to take her to a shelter, but I fell in love.

We took her to the vet to get checked out. Her tail had puncture wounds, which had gotten infected. When antibiotics did not help, necrosis set into her tail. We were given the option to have it amputated. She was only 12 weeks old, so putting her down was not an option for me. We had the surgery done and had her spayed at the same time.


At first, she did not get along with our other cat, Jack. We kept them in separate rooms for while, and she hid whenever we brought her out. That soon changed, though, and now they are the best of friends! Jack is named after Jack Skellington because of his black and white fur, so Sally was the perfect name for our new addition to the family!

When I first brought Sally home, she was timid and uneasy. Now she is fearless and very outgoing. Her tail is only about an inch long, so she doesn’t have the best balance, but she makes do. She is a wonderful kitty and I am so happy to have taken her home with me that night!


Story submitted by Amanda from Lorain, Ohio.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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