In a Room Full of Kittens, Adopter Sets Her Sights on the Older Cat

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My cat Baby had passed away in 2014 after being with me since she was 6-months-old. I found her as a stray kitten on the property where I was living, and she was with me for 18 years after that.

I had gotten to know the employees at my local PetSmart, as I had shopped there every week for 18 years. One day, I went into PetSmart to say hello to everybody, without knowing they were having a cat adoption event from a rescue group. I saw cages and cages of kittens and knew I would not adopt a kitten out of fear that she would outlive me and would have to go back to the rescue. Then I spotted an older cat.


Her story read that she was 10-years-old and named Apple. I stayed around for a while talking to the employees, who told me most people coming in were looking at the kittens. Apple looked so sad that I decided then and there to put in an application for her. They called me the next day, and I went to pick her up.

I called her Apple for several days and she did not respond to me at all. I started to wonder what I had gotten myself into with an unfriendly cat. Then I sat down and read all of the papers that came with her and found a handwritten note from whoever brought her into the rescue. It told me her background, which was pretty sad, and said her name was Rocky.

As soon as I called her Rocky, she meowed and came to me. It’s been all uphill since then. I’ve had her for six years now.


Story submitted by Barbara Scott from Las Vegas, Nevada.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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