Senior Cat Thought to Be On Death’s Door When Rescued, But He’s Still Living the Good Life

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In August 2023, a local family restaurant contacted White Oak Animal Safe Haven regarding a feral cat with a broken leg eating trash around the dumpster. The cat coordinator of WOASH immediately drove over to assess the situation.


This poor, malnourished and beaten down cat was terrified. He wouldn’t allow for human contact, so a trap was set. Thankfully, Zeke was an easy catch, as he was clearly starving. He was quickly assessed with a basic exam, and found to not be feral, but a timid, terrified senior. He had a significant leg injury, upper respiratory infection, and missing teeth, aiding in his starvation.

Zeke went home with a hospice foster, who would inevitably become his forever family. We truly believed he didn’t have much time left, and he wasn’t in proper health to receive surgery in his leg.


Zeke received exams and x-rays from two different vets, leading to the conclusion that his leg wasn’t broken, but he had a joint infection. He was also found to have lice. He went through eight weeks of medication, as well as socialization and general care.

Now, Zeke is the king of his castle. He has become incredibly affectionate with his human mom and his feline siblings. He has put on an appropriate amount of weight. His fur is silky smooth and sleek. Zeke is estimated to be 16-plus years old.


We will never truly know the beginning of Zeke’s story, but we do know his ending. For the rest of his life, Zeke will never want for anything. He will always have a full belly, his favorite bed, and tunnels to play in. His mom will sing his breakfast time song every day. He will be able to make biscuits and snuggle anytime he wants. He will be forever adored.

This story was submitted by Mackenzie Demme in support of White Oak Animal Safe Haven, Inc.. You can read more Rescue to Royalty Challenge stories and vote for your favorite here!

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