Anxious Husky/Pit Mix Rescued From Neglect, Now She Talks Her Forever Family’s Ears Off

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Rylie Girl! This beautiful Husky/pit mix was an abuse and neglect rescue.


She came to us with kennel cough and a UTI, she was underweight, and she was full of anxiety. We don’t know the full story of her past, but what we do know was that she was taken from her mom too young and then kept in a small crate unless she was chained up outside.

The first few months in her new home, she wouldn’t even come inside the house due to fear of being locked in a crate again. The garage had to be adapted to her personal living space since that was her “safe space”.


Two years later, we are still adapting to her quirks that trigger anxiety in her and may never go away, but she lives happily spoiled indoors now with two doggie brothers and parents who adore her!

She loves to chase balls, play tug of war, and of course talk your ear off in true Husky fashion. Her favorite treats are blueberry dental bones and chicken jerky.


This story was submitted by Jessica Hemphill in support of The Anti-Cruelty Society. You can read more Rescue to Royalty Challenge stories and vote for your favorite here!

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