Timid Pup Rescued From Car with Nearly 100 Dogs and Cats

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Eleventh Hour Rescue saved Alvin from a parked Chevy truck behind a Marshalls in New Jersey, where his past owner was hoarding 44 live and more than 50 dead dogs and cats. The operation was so significant, it was reported on News 12, and you can watch live footage of the animals being removed from the car, including Alvin.


When he was first taken in by his foster, he had fleas, was severely overweight, and his nails were so long he could hardly walk. Even though he was terrified, his mischievous personality began to emerge through the form of stealing her fuzzy slippers. Having grown up around so many other animals where he had to complete for resources, Alvin developed a bit of a hoarding tendency himself.

When I met Alvin, he was extremely scared and timid; he didn’t even approach me for treats. I, too, was healing from my own trauma, and I felt connected to him in this way. I knew we could heal and build trust together.


At first, he was very protective of our apartment, growling and barking at my boyfriend and anyone else who would enter. But a few months later, he learned that he didn’t have to compete for love like he used to. Instead, he got to be loved by two parents (and our friends/family)!

It has been an absolute joy to watch Alvin grow into his personality. He is curious, playful, and gentle. He is very polite and warms up to others at his own pace. He loves to sniff everything, try different foods, and climb on rocks. When he’s excited, he does tippy taps and flails and makes a wide range of unique vocalizations. Watching him build confidence has been a constant reminder of what resilience looks like.


Alvin has been a tremendous light in my life and in the lives of so many others, and I hope that our story can help Eleventh Hour Rescue get the resources they deserve!

This story was submitted by Catherine Tran in support of Eleventh Hour Rescue. You can read more Rescue to Royalty Challenge stories and vote for your favorite here!

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