Wife Grieves the Loss of Her Husband with Help From His Favorite Cat

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Ravage is the youngest of four kitties in my home. He came to us two days after we lost our special needs adoption, a diabetic and seizure-prone cat named Pip, who was on his fourth home. Ravage had lost his mom, so it was fitting that our friend scooped him up and knew right where a little fur ball like that needed to be.

We fell in love with each other immediately. He fit right in, sleeping on my feet all night.


Ravage spent his mornings with his (human) dad James and soon the two formed an “all boys, no girls allowed” club. I would leave early for work and often stopped home on my lunch hour to find those two playing video games or creating their own memes to post on social media, mostly about how much the birds taunted Ravage anytime he laid in the picture window.

James solely relied on Ravage to preview any music he was writing. Whether playing guitar or keyboards, Ravage would nestle in on his floofy rug if it was a hit… and if the song was a flop, Ravage wasn’t shy about swiftly exiting the room.

Ravage even earned his own little jingle: “Handsome man, Handsome man. Handsome is a handsome cat.”


Not sure where that cheesy “top hit” came from, but I make sure to sing it to Ravage every morning before I head out to work… but not until after we chase toys and the ‘evil string snake’ through the house.

This time is our little way of honoring James each and every day, as he passed away unexpectedly just over a year ago. Ravage and I both lost our best friend, and we relied on each other for comfort and strength during our journey through grief.

I took on two more kitties after my brother could no longer care for them. It’s quite the full, happy house.


We were stuck together by the universe when each of us needed to be loved the most. I’m so very thankful to have all four of them by my side.

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