Older Dog Ends Up in Shelter After Owner Dies, Finds Family That Helps with Her Mobility Issues

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My husband and I have always had shelter dogs. Over three years ago, we went to a shelter to get a dog. It had been a while since we’d lost our last one, and it was time for a dog in the house. We were going for a lap dog that was older and had lost its home. Older ones don’t get adopted as easily as the others.


At this shelter, they all barked except one. She just stood and watched us. As we walked around looking at them, we passed her kennel. She stood and looked at us, and I remarked about how beautiful she was, but she was too big for us. We went out onto their patio, and they asked who we’d like to see. I told him a name and they brought the dog out, and he walked around and never came near us. So they asked who we wanted to see next, and I don’t know why I said Quill. She walked up to me and laid her head in my lap and I was in love. I looked up at my husband and he said okay, so we adopted our beautiful Doberman (not quite a lap dog).

She was 7-years-old and her owner had died. We only had her for 3.5 years, but they were the best years ever. She had a tear in her leg and we had an ortho doctor look at her, but he said nothing could be done and to walk her every day. My husband walked her all the time, and when her leg started getting worse and she couldn’t get in the car, he made a ramp for her that he took out every time he took her. He never complained and she loved him so much. When it was getting hard to get up on the couch, he built her a step and carpeted it, as well as the ramp.


She was so beautiful inside and out. Our time with her was too short, but we loved every minute. She decided when she was ready to go. We knew it was going to be soon, but she just stopped eating because that was her only way to let us know that it was too painful for her to keep going.

She left us with broken hearts, but we understood. She was wonderful.

Story submitted by Sandy Olsson.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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