Stray Kitten Adopts Family, Ends Up with the Name Pia Because She’s a ‘Pain in the…’

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My mom told me about a 6-month-old kitten someone had dumped on our farm. I went to see her and fell instantly in love as she snuggled right up to me.


I took her home that night. She had obviously been somebody’s pet because she was extremely comfortable in a house and knew how to use a litter box. My three older cats let her rule the roost.


I named her Pia, which stands for Pain in Ass, as the first week I had her, she woke me up every few hours to just check to see if this was real. She became Princess P as her personality came out.


She was the brightest, most loving cat I have ever met. If I said, “Give Mom a kiss,” she would lick my lips. She sat next to me and ate off of my fork. She sat on the back of a chair to watch me cook or do dishes. She did everything with me.

She wore a pink “bad to the bone” coat in the winter to go outside and a witch hat for Halloween to greet trick or treaters. She would drag her favorite toy to my feet and sit there and meow at me and bat at the toy until I would play with her. She loved chocolate (esp. Hershey’s) and she would steal it just to have some. I even found a secret stash she had hidden behind a desk.


Six years after I brought her home, she was diagnosed with FIV. We fought it for many months with many medications and, very sadly, she waited for me to come home from work to tell me goodbye and pass away as I held her. It has been four years since my Princess has left me, and I still cry buckets of tears when I think of her. She was loved by many, as she was so sweet and lovable.

Sending loads of love to you, Princess P… you are in my heart forever and your mommy misses you so much.

Story submitted by Theresa from Pierpont, South Dakota.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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