‘Most Adorable Kitten’ Turns Into Hefty 20-Pounder, Spends Life Helping Human with Depression

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My husband brought a very small grey kitten home one day after work, knowing I had been wanting one badly. We had always had rescues. This one was no different, since he got the new baby at Lakefield Animal Welfare Society in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada.


I stared and, for some reason, burst into tears. I was clinically depressed at the time, not that it is an excuse, and said, “But I don’t like grey cats!”

Then I looked again, and my tears and idiotic statement dried right up because I was looking at the most adorable kitten I had ever seen, Phantom.


He remained the cutest kitten ever, and even though he grew into a 20-pounder, he always remained a kitten at heart. And boy, did he help with the depression!

His purr could be heard across a crowded room, and he loved nothing better than to snuggle. He was a bit timid with strangers, but as long as they made a fuss over how beautiful he was, he soon dropped any standoffishness and deemed them worthy of a snuggle, too!


We had him for 15 blessed years, and not a day goes by – still – that I don’t miss him. Can’t wait to cross that rainbow bridge myself just to see all of our wonderful cats and kittens again.

Story submitted by Sharon Dunford.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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