Outdoorsy Pup Can’t Wait to Get on Her Paddleboard

The following story was a finalist in the Tales of Summer Tails Photo and Story contest. The top three finishers received $500 in cash, as well as $2,000 in cash and supplies for their favorite shelter. To read more stories, click here!

Pepper is an eight-year-old Belgian Malinois who was found as a stray in Louisville, Kentucky. We picked her up from the shelter there during the Fourth of July weekend in 2022. Not long after, I ordered a paddleboard and Pepper and I began to learn together how to balance and not fall in the creek.


She loves being outside, no matter how hot it is, and loves riding at the front of the paddleboard and supervising all of the turtles, fish, birds, and even once a cow that we saw in the water.


We more or less stay upright most of the time, but sometimes she moves her supervising to the back of the board, so we’ve certainly gone into the drink a few times. She’s not a huge fan of being in the water, so to get on the paddleboard she stands from the rocks, and basically jumps.


All of the supervising is exhausting, so when we get back home, she takes her spot on our patio, alternating between the couch and the shade to stay cool. She is such a beautiful girl who loves being with me. Paddleboarding has been such a great way to share our lives together.

This story was submitted by Kelley Davis in support of American Belgian Malinois Rescue. To read other stories from the Tales of Summer Tails Photo and Story contest, click here!

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