When Pregnant Cat is Abandoned, Neighbors Step in to Help

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My wife and I are animal lovers. We had two Border Collies when we moved to Merced, California. Since then, our fur baby family has grown. We always have strays showing up at the house, or at least we thought they were strays. We had a cat with only three paws show up on our door step, so we felt better bringing him in and trying to find the owner. He became family.

We rescued another so he’d have a fellow cat with whom to pal around. The one we rescued to be his companion a year later went outside, hopped the neighbor’s fence, and their dog mauled him.

So time goes by, I have my two dogs and two cats now. My neighbor now has a cat. This poor cat I see outside more than I see it let inside, so the cat comes over and eats from the bowl of food I set outside for the strays. At first, this cat won’t let me get close but as time goes by, the cat starts to letting me get close and pet it.


One day, my neighbor ended up getting evicted and they were gone and so was the cat… so I thought. The cat comes out from under the neighbor’s house and up to me. Like the animal lover I am, I bring the cat inside. My wife and I figure maybe we can find the cat a home. No luck, and here is where saving one turned into saving six more.

It turned out that she was pregnant! We were hoping she was just getting bigger because she was being fed and eating well. Not!

On September 1, 2022, she gave birth to six kittens. Two are black with tan stripes. One of these, as we call the twins, was the runt. Four are white like momma.


It’s now February, and we’ve since found homes for two of the kittens. The other kittens, well, looks like they are staying with us. We’ve done large numbers before. Plus, if we can’t find someone who’ll love them like we do, then it’s better for them to stay with us.

As of February 14, the momma cat, who we call Pearl, is now fixed. The next will be the only female from the litter that we have still. Then the three boys.

I love how each has their own personality and they all like to cuddle or lay next to you. Every time they come up to us, they’ll start purring.

I wouldn’t do anything different if I had to do it all over again.


Story submitted by Santo Locascio.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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