Dog Kept in a Cage for Five Years Gets Rescued, Is Immediately Ready to Be Loved

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Peanut came to us as a rescue. He had been kept in a cage for five years, and he had very bad infections on all four paws. We knew he was going to need a lot of time to get used to humans, and to trust them… or so we thought!


From the first day we met him, Peanut has fully trusted our family. He immediately snuggled against us, looked to us for guidance, and after four years of being with us, still enjoys every day to the fullest.


He is still overcoming fear of being outside, but I hold him, and he has gone from being totally scared and snuggling me tightly to asking to go outside and being a little more independent.


His doctor assures us that he is a very happy, very healthy pup now. He just recently turned 9, and he absolutely adores life. He loves meeting new humans more than anything else. He mostly ignores other dogs, but loves to watch cats, birds, and other creatures in our yard.

Some of his favorite new things are his toys. He doesn’t rip them, but gently chews on them, then uses them as pillows and to snuggle up with. He is excited from the time he wakes in the morning until he goes to bed at night, helping me around the house, and he just adores learning new words. I can’t remember life without this bundle of pure joy.


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