Kitten Runs Up to Picnickers, Steals a Drumstick, and Bolts Away

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When my family decided to attend a conference down in Cincinnati, Ohio, we did not expect to come back with an additional member of the family. The conference took place in an outdoor park equipped with a gazebo and picnic tables scattered about. The park was also surrounded by woods. When my sister came back to our family picnic table, plate piled with food (including a drumstick), an orange kitten ran up onto our table, snatched the drumstick, then scampered off into the woods to consume its catch.


Everyone burst out laughing while my sister began to cry, dumbfounded at the fact that an animal just took her food. The kitten seemed to only trust younger people and would let children pick her up and pet her. My sister eventually forgave her for taking her chicken and enjoyed playing with her in the grass.


We noticed that she was all alone – no brothers or sisters and no mother. A man told my mother that he managed to catch the other cats, but for some reason could not catch her. My family decided to take the kitten home if she was still at the park the next day. We couldn’t take her that evening because the hotel didn’t allow animals.


As we pulled up to the park the next day, we noticed that the park had new guests who enjoyed using the orange kitten as target practice for their water guns. We didn’t want to leave her there with new faces and possibly inconsiderate people coming in every day. We were relieved and joyful to see her gallop up to us.

We were all thankful to have been chosen by her, especially after what the man said. On our way home, she took turns sleeping on each of our laps. We came up with the name Peach pretty quickly as she was orange, fuzzy, and soft. Now she’s a pompous fluff ball who struts her stuff around the house. She’s extremely tolerant and sweet and when people take one look at her, they fall in love.


Story submitted by Zivana M. from Hudson, Ohio.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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