Flea-Ridden Pup in Bad Shape Keeps Wagging His Tail, Despite His Circumstances

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The PD I worked for had a place for dogs they were going to take to the humane society the next day. Of course I had to check to see the dogs everyday.


One day I saw this boy, and it was so sad how he had been neglected. Fleas were jumping on his head and he looked miserable. But even with all that, he was still wagging his tail.


I tried to ignore him, as we had two other dogs. But for some reason, I could not. So off the vet he went, where we found out he had heart worm. The vet treated him (he had already been shaved and had a bath), and then we brought him home. He walked in the house, grabbed a ball, and laid in the bed we had on the floor. It was like he knew he was home.


He developed a number of issues through the years but was such a brave boy. One day, we knew it was time to go to the bridge, so we took him to the vet. My husband had to carry him because he could not walk at this point. While we waited for the vet, I heard him take a deep breath. That was it. He passed away in peace.

He was such a good boy. Loved his trips to the mountains and his brother and sister. They got along from day one. He loved his balls, and one day, he looked up at the orange tree and I guess he though it was a ball tree. I had to pick one and let him know it was not a ball. Just a funny story.


Story submitted by Darlene Bellavance.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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