‘Best Boy Ever,’ a Eulogy for a Committed Canine Friend

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I visited the local pound one afternoon to check for a long-legged escapee boarder. The escapee had returned to his own yard nearby, unbeknownst to me, but the pound was on my way home from work, so I hazarded a visit.


When I walked into the cage area, a young brindle boy of questionable pedigree was there, smiling at me, wagging his tail. He had a small dachshund lying on him, obviously ill. I informed staff of this.

I asked for a leash, and took ‘Clayton’ for a walk. Two things I immediately noticed. One, he had never been leashed before, and two, he would be the easiest to train of any dog I’d met, so far.

I went home to tell my wife I’d found a boy who really needed us: a clouded eye, a broken canine tooth, and later, found shot in his shoulder and hip suggesting he’d been abused, a bait dog or wanderer who’d been shot at.



My wife said we didn’t need another dog, but I insisted he needed US, so she accompanied me to the pound the next day and of course, he came home with us!

As soon as we got him cleaned up, the shelter called saying the dachshund had died. They requested we return ‘Clayton’ for quarantine, which we hated, but three days later, he came to his forever home with us.

Ozzie (his name) came to us after a day or two, and he was just perfect. Never a problem, no house-training required, a gentle, loving housemate to our other dogs and to every new dog, foster or keeper, that he met. Pups new to the pack would steal his food and he would not growl or act poorly. He was just the best boy ever.

He traveled the country with us, always confident and happy to go, always looking out the windshield, seldom through side windows. Might have been his only one good eye giving him a motion-sickness issue, but he watched the road with me.


We got into rescue and Ozzie not only welcomed newcomers, but treated them all like old friends. He never required serious veterinary care and brought such joy to our lives!

Best Boy Ever, I always told him.

He was my constant companion, always welcoming of people and pets and never a bother. Welcomed wherever he went. Ozzie loved watching TV and warned us against dogs, bears, cows; any animals on the set put him on defense mode. Hilarious and endearing.

Best Boy Ever.

He lived to be about 14 by our estimate, but his health started failing and when the time came, he rode in my lap, hugging me tightly the whole drive to our vet. We both loved him so much, as he drew his last breath, my wife and I just bawled as I told him one last time he was the Best Boy, Ever.

Even two years later I tear up writing this.

Miss you, Oz. You were just the best.

Story submitted by Ken Cook from La Marque, Texas.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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