Kitten Found on the Way to Soccer Game Becomes Team’s Unofficial Mascot

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My husband and I were headed to one of our son’s soccer games early one September evening when I spotted something small and black in the road. I pulled the car into the first driveway where I could safely stop and dashed back toward the tiny black fur ball, waving my hands at passing cars to slow down as I ran.


Miraculously, the little kitten was unharmed, and I was able to grab her from the shoulder where she had moved – she had been sitting in the road, maybe because it was warm. I dashed back to the car with her, wrapped her in my jacket, and said to my husband in the passenger seat, “Hold this kitten – we’re going to be late for the game!”


I smuggled the kitten into the stadium in my jacket, but word soon spread that we had a little furry fan with us! Even one of the security guards came to see and admire her.


Our son’s team was facing their arch rival that evening, and no one expected a win. To our surprise, the boys scored and took the lead, winning the game in an upset victory!

My husband had spent the first half of the game telling me repeatedly that we were not keeping this kitten. By the second half, even he was charmed and was coming up with names for her. Our son and his teammates declared her their lucky charm and made her their unofficial mascot – perfect since the soccer team is the Owen J Roberts Wildcats!


We named her Owena Josephine in honor of the school and the soccer team. I made key chains with Owena’s picture and the Wildcat school symbol for each of the boys to have for their soccer team backpacks.

From the month-old kitten I found on the road, Owena has grown to be a sleek gorgeous cat and is a beloved member of our family!


Story submitted by Elizabeth Smith.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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