Abandoned Cat Who Huddled On Porch in the Rain Finds Warmth and a Home Inside

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Niko showed up on our driveway one day. He had patches of fur missing, he hissed and meowed at the same time, and he was emaciated and so scared. I thought he was feral until one afternoon when he rubbed himself against my leg. I saw something in his eyes that day that changed my heart forever. He was someone’s discarded baby.


Whenever it rained, he’d huddle against my front door. I’d go out and he would sit next to me and melt against my side. He allowed me to put flea medication on him, and soon his patches of missing fur grew back. It was then that I realized he had Russian Blue in him. His emerald green eyes and sleek silver coat were finally noticeable.


I already had two male cats inside my house and was concerned about bringing Niko in, so I began letting him in the house supervised.


I placed a clean cat box with a scratch board in it and coated it in catnip. I placed it under my living room chair. He learned to use that for scratching, he learned to pass through the kitty door to use the cat box, and he became one of the boys.

He’d sit in a box and loved being scooted around my kitchen. He’d stand at our window waiting for us to open it so he could go out to the back porch (instead of using the cat door). He’d look deep into your soul and the love he’d spread was undeniable. He was one of the smartest cats we ever had.


One cold winter morning, I found my husband crying… Niko was lying lifeless on our back porch. Niko and I were playing with his feathered toy the night before. That was a year ago this month. His presence is missed beyond words can describe. We may have had him for four years, but he will have a place in our hearts forever.

Niko forever loved, forever missed. Heaven gained a special angel that day.


Story submitted by Dorian Castellano.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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