Pup in Very Rough Shape Pops Up at the Right Time for Grieving Family

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I have been Oliver and Lynus’s mom since 2007. They’re two Maltese brothers who are my world. In December of 2019, I sadly lost Oliver to heart failure, and his brother Lynus and I were beyond devastated. I did everything I could think of to help Lynus and myself grieve the tremendous loss of our sweet Oliver.


We started creating care packages and delivering them to shelters in need in New York and New Jersey. Along the way, I tried to adopt several dogs, but they just never seemed to be a good fit for Lynus. I was just about to give up.


It was July 2020 in the beginning of COVID and seven months after losing Oliver. I received a phone call from a good friend who owns a company in Newark, New Jersey. In the middle of the field, he and his worker discovered a dog that was in very bad shape laying near the dumpster. It was so hot and rainy that week, and she was filled with over 100 ticks, had matted hair and was skin and bones.


He brought her to his home, and Lynus and I hopped in the car, bought her a bed and food and rushed to meet her… it was love at first sight! Like we knew her our entire lives. She seemed so similar to Oliver’s demeanor. The first few weeks were a bit challenging to say the least.

She was immediately taken to the vet to be looked at. No chip, we posted her all over paw boost for her possible owner, and there was not one response. She was so scared of everyone and everything, except for Lynus and myself. She couldn’t be alone for more than five minutes, she was destructive, and she would cry, howl and cower in a ball every time someone passed her. I just knew all she needed was someone who believed in her and showed her love, patience and compassion, so we did just that.


It will be four years in July of 2024 that we have had our beautiful girl, who we named Nica. She is amazing in every way. She was heaven sent.

Story submitted by Nicole Nigro from New Jersey.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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