Woman and Cat Living with Depression Help Each Other Cope

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For much of my life, I have been caught in the brambles of depression and anxiety. My resulting isolation was mitigated only by the cats who have shared my home. Morgan, whose mother was rescued from a parking lot while pregnant with her, seemed to be tangled in an emotional world not unlike my own. Now she is free from fear. Together, my cat friend and I have come a long way.


About eight years ago, Morgan and I went to see her new veterinarian for her checkup. Morgan began hissing and clawing as soon as the door of her crate was opened. The situation escalated after the carrier was disassembled and Morgan flew around the room, defending herself against her imagined enemies. After some time, the technician, wearing thick leather gloves, was able to contain her with a towel. The doctor sedated Morgan and conducted the exam.

I had told the clinic staff ahead of time that Morgan struck at anyone who came near her, including me at times. The wise doctor suggested a trial of antidepressants for Morgan. “Maybe she’ll learn that life is good,” were his words. The medicine worked, gradually calming her.


Morgan stayed on the antidepressant for a year or so, and indeed, saw that life is good. Though still wary of visitors, she now is my affectionate companion, who plays, purrs and cuddles with me, helping make my own quality of life better. Indeed, Dr. Mitterling, life is good.

This story was submitted by Jean Henning, in support of P.A.W.S. Cat and Kitten Rescue. To see other Fur-Ever Family Photo & Story Contest submissions, click here!

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