Winery Owner Offers Free Bottle of Wine to Whomever Adopts Stray Cat From His Property

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Mooch came into my life just three years ago, but I have known her since she was just a wee little kitten. My brother and his wife liked to go to wineries on the weekends, and one time, they were at a winery rather far out in the country. There was this little white and black kitten running around the parking lot, obviously dumped, and the owner was concerned she would get run over, so he was trying to get someone to take her home.


While my sister-in-law was petting her, the owner came over and told them they should adopt her. My brother said, just to be funny, “Anyone who takes that cat should get a free bottle of wine!” He would say later that he’d never seen a bottle of wine appear so fast! He also said it became a very expensive “free” bottle of wine, due to the vet bills for shots and spaying, etc!

Some years later, after my sister-in-law passed away and their older cat had crossed the rainbow bridge, my brother decided to go “cat-less,” as his daughter-in-law was very allergic to cats and his granddaughter was afraid of Mooch.


I had just lost my cat and was thinking of getting another one when he told me not to bother, he would give me Mooch. Since I had kitty sat with her and she knew me, the transition to my house wasn’t too traumatic. She has become a spoiled single cat!

I call Mooch a Pierrot cat because she is mostly white with a few black spots, including one that looks like a fish, and her tail is all black. She looks a little like the character Pierrot in the pantomimes. I have seen many cats with this pattern of being mostly white with spots, which can be of different colors.


Story submitted by Linda Wright.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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