Bonded Sisters Get Split Up, Only to Find Each Other Months Later

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I was in the vet’s office in Connecticut with my cat Tigger in June 2010 when I met Molly and Misty (sisters) that had been found outside a barn. They were not feral, and Molly the yellow tabby had a litter of kittens that had been adopted. Misty was curled up in the bottom of the two-story cage. Unfortunately, my Tigger had not been eating and was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor in his mouth so was put sleep that day.


Weeks later, I kept thinking about the sisters and found they were still available. My husband did not want another cat, plus we were going to be moving to another state, but I brought Molly home. We never had two cats, so I left Misty behind.


Molly was freaked out (especially with our extremely timid rescue dog Clover) and wouldn’t come out from under the sofa for a week (it required a two adult intervention). I always felt guilty leaving her sister behind.


In November at the vet’s with Clover, we adopted Misty. We adjusted her in a separate room and called her “corner cat”, as she was constantly plastered into a corner of the room and hiding places that took us days to find her. We finally let Misty come out. The two sisters fought like crazy, all the way down a full flight of stairs in a ball of fur, hissing, and screaming. They were jealous of each other since I didn’t take them together.

In January 2011, we moved to Virginia. Their safe place was an upstairs bathroom together with separate crates, litter boxes, etc. Our new home had construction going on, so they needed to “work things out” in the new environment. When I arrived later that week, I found them as the picture below shows.


They were best friends in the top of the closet! Now they do everything together, clean each other’s faces, and sleep together in identical positions. Molly is still the more loving and outgoing, but Misty has come around. They also get along with our two new rescue dogs Jack and Pebbles.

Story submitted by Denise Mariconda from Nellysford, Virginia.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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