Cat with Green Eyes Lures in Shelter Visitor Who Wasn’t There to Adopt

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On my way into town one sunny Saturday in 2013, my car made an unexpected swerve to the right, opposite of where I intended to go, and I ended up at the local animal shelter. I had been wondering what I could do to make the upcoming cold weather any easier for the cats in this concrete block building with jalousie windows. Apparently, this would be the day I would ask shelter staff.


As I was standing beside one of the cages, talking with a staff member, I felt claws in my sleeve. Unable to continue avoiding eye contact, I turned and saw the most adorable face with green eyes and a white bib. She clearly indicated that she planned to go home with me.

Getting another cat was not on the agenda. Already possessed by the sweetest cat I’d ever known, I was well aware of her desire to remain Queen of Sheba. No intention of expanding the tribe. Green Eyes had other plans. She spoke plainly to me, and I HAD to open the cage and hold her. It was just going to be for a minute.


An alto purr thrilled me. Her fur was sleek and shiny, and she had a tail to be proud of. My heart melted. My head intervened, and I asked for more information about her. She was one-year-old, had been spayed and was current on shots. She had been surrendered by an elderly gentleman who had entered a nursing home a month earlier. Many had looked at her but no one had taken her home.

Head ruled. I went home without her but could not get her out of my mind. Thirty-six hours later, when the shelter next opened its doors, I was waiting to be claimed by Green Eyes, who became known as Mitty. Of course, no one else had taken her… she and I were meant to be together.


Story submitted by Anne Ellis from Crossville, Tennessee.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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