After One Feral Cat Freezes to Death, Animal Lover Works Hard to Rescue Her Littermate

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During the winter in 2014, I was feeding a few feral cats around my apartment building. I built a feral cat shelter to protect them from the brutal Maine winters, and although they would run away as soon as they saw me, I caught a glimpse of who I was feeding.


There were two very small cats, one black, the other one a grey tabby, probably around 5 months old. I called animal control, but they didn’t seem too willing to help me. Trapping would be an option, but I had no clue what to do with them after that. I already had too many cats myself, and as a shelter worker, I knew it’s a bad idea to bring a feral cat to a shelter!


I started to get very worried when the grey tabby didn’t show up anymore, and one day when I was trying to shovel out my self-built feral cat shelter, I found the grey tabby under a bush; she froze to death! I was heartbroken and borrowed a trap that same day, with no clue what to do if I could trap the black one, but she needed to get out of the cold!


I trapped her that same night and put her in a large dog crate in my bedroom. She was so scared, but I would sit with her for hours, talk to her, and slowly, she let me touch her. I brought her to a clinic to have her spayed and tested for diseases. Once that was done, she could come out of the crate and I could work on socializing her even more and find her a good home. My other cats were a big help! She followed them, and the day she waited with all of them in my kitchen while I was preparing their food was the first victory.

Long story short, Miss Lala never left. She is still a little bit nervous around my husband and son, but she follows me wherever I go. I think she knows I am the one who saved her.


Story submitted by an anonymous user from Belfast, Maine.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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