Kitten Hiding in Office Storm Drain Coaxed Out By Persistent Employee

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In 2014, I was walking toward my car at our office when I saw a small ball of gray fur jump into a storm drain. After getting into my car, I drove past the drain, and to my surprise, there the gray ball sat on a brick, but still inside the drain. It was a long-haired gray kitten that looked to be around 5-weeks-old.


I immediately rushed to our vet, who gave me some kitten food, a cage, and a blanket with clear instructions on how to catch the furball. Upon arrival at my office, I set the cage up with the food in a small bowl positioned right in front of the drain. I had no clue how I was going to catch her, but with little effort, I managed to do just that. The vet labeled her as the healthiest feral he had ever seen! So I took her home and set her up in our spare room.

After half an hour, I opened the room’s door so that she could explore a bit. Before long, she had climbed onto the couch where I was sitting and found her way into my jacket and began to suckle on a piece of material. We couldn’t believe that she was a feral. Her behavior seemed to prove everything wrong regarding ferals. However, the following day, I heard that her description sounded just like a kitten that had run away when they caught the other cats (a mother and two kittens) that had made the ceiling their home. This had taken place around two weeks before I caught her.


If she is indeed part of that family, I do not know how she survived on her own for so long without her mother during the coldest time of winter, but I’m glad she did.

Story submitted by Sunel from Pretoria, South Africa.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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