Stray Cat Seeks Food and Pets, Later Leads Neighbor to Truck Full of Kittens

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My Mia showed up in 2015 looking for food. She was a petite little girl, and I started feeding her and talking to her. Soon, she let me pet her.


A few days later, my son dropped by and picked her up, and I saw that she was nursing kittens. The next day, I followed her to an old work truck parked in our field. In the back were four black and white fat babies.


I immediately scooped everyone up and took them into our house. For the next eight years, we had a furry clowder. Last week, Mia started acting strangely, hiding and hissing at me. She had always been my constant companion, sleeping next to me, laying her cheek on mine to sleep, so this was very abnormal behavior for her.


I took her to our vet, who pronounced her “fine” and sent her back home with me. When I got her home, she could no longer walk. I took her to another vet the next day and had blood work and x-rays. No answers.

Long story short, I ended up losing my best friend because no one could diagnose what was wrong. My heart is broken. I miss her so much, and she can never be replaced. Wait for me at the bridge, Mia meow. I can’t wait to be with you again.


Story submitted by Tammy Fox.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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