Couple Rescues ‘Kitten That Won’t Stop Crying,’ Gets Him to the Vet Just in Time

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It started with responding to a Craigslist ad asking if anyone could take care of a 6-week-old female kitten who wouldn’t stop crying.

We had room in our home and our hearts. Our oldest cat had passed away three months prior when we responded to this woman’s plea. She had been feeding the kitten human infant formula, and the poor little babe wouldn’t stop crying.


When we arrived, we found out that the kitten had been found along the highway, next to its mother who had been hit. It was a miracle that it was alive. I looked at the kitten and realized that it was closer to 3.5 weeks and a male. My husband had a strict no males policy.

I looked at this wee one and knew that if we didn’t take him, he would die. But I had to tell my husband the truth. He looked at me and said, “No it’s a girl. We’re taking her.” We fed Mew baby turkey food until we could get some kitten formula. Mew still kept crying. And there was another problem.

Mew wasn’t going potty. We were following the instructions from our book on raising kittens, but it wasn’t working. So as soon as we could, we took him into the vet. The veterinarian took a look and said, “You have a 3.5 week male kitten.” He listened to his insides, gave him the equivalent of a kitten enema, and he was fine. Had we not taken him in and taken him to the vet, he would have died because of the obstruct caused by being fed human infant formula.


He was like a baby to me. I fed him round the clock and sang lullabies to him. He grew up healthy and happy, with the exception of one oddity. Any time my husband would put on a cowboy hat, he would hide under the bed. He never behaved that way with any other hats, just the cowboy hat. We always wondered if the man who had found him next to his mother had been wearing one. We will never know.

Story submitted by Shelly from Veradale, Washington.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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