Family Heads Out on Camping Trip, Rescues Abandoned Kitten at Gas Station

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It was our last day camping at the lake, and we were ready to start our 12 hour trip back home. The boat was hitched up to one truck, the RV to the other. My son and my wife headed out first, while my daughter and I emptied out the RV tanks. We had agreed to meet at a commercial fuel cardlock station about an hour down the road, where we would top off our tanks before continuing.


As my daughter and I finally arrived at the gas station, we saw my son Mark pointing to our other truck and smiling! As Juliette and I got out, I could see why. Sitting inside the vehicle was a small black and white kitten about 2 months old. It was clearly dehydrated and emaciated.


Mark explained that when he arrived at the gas station, he could hear a distinct meow above the noise of the semi trucks. He finally spotted the kitten behind a chain link fence of the fuel tank compound. She was tame and followed him to a spot where he was able to pull just enough of the fence out of the ground so that she could get underneath.


The fuel station was situated in an industrial area with no private homes… so obviously, she had been abandoned. We stopped at a grocery store and got some kitty chow and gave her some water. Initially, we could only feed her for a minute or so. She was so very hungry and thirsty. She rode along with Juliette and myself for the next 11 hours, not a single squeak out of her.

Our two other house cats welcomed her home without any issues and now, six months later, she is part of the family. My son and her have bonded very closely, which is good to see. He had previously had another cat, which I regrettably had run over. Ever since then, there had been a big hole in Mark’s life. So very glad that they now have each other.


Story submitted by Paul from Hilda, Canada.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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