Cat Rescued From ‘Questionable’ Breeder Thrives Despite Health Issues

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Maya is a Highland Lynx Pixie Bob and was rescued from a breeder with very questionable breeding practices. She’s a very intelligent girl, quite doglike, and has had many lifelong medical problems as a result of inbreeding.


She was born with the tubes in her ears way too small, which leads to ear infections all the time. She’s at the vet more times than I care to count. She never fusses or complains. I believe she knows we’re just trying to help her. Maya continues to love on us, even when we have to clean and medicate her ears day in and day out for about ten years now.

She is getting up in years now and at 14, shows no sign of slowing down or giving up. She continues to show everyone how resilient and happy she is in the face of adversity. She blessed us and everyone who has the pleasure of knowing her. We love you Maya… You are a winner in our lives!


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