Woman Regularly Feeds Feral Cat, Who Shows Up One Day with Pregnant Friend

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I was feeding a very feral kitty on my back deck for several years. One day, I went to put his food outside and noticed he had brought a friend. This pretty kitty was friendly and very hungry. I fed both of them and they disappeared. I didn’t think much of it because many cats have shown up in my yard over the years and I’ll see them once and never again, as if they’re just passing through.


To my surprise, that pretty kitty showed up again the next day and ate voraciously. It appeared that it might have worms, so I couldn’t bring it in, as I had seven cats of my own! However, I promised myself that if the cat showed up the next day I would corral it and take it to the vet for a checkup. Sure enough, it was back the next day, so I packed it up and off we went to my vet to get the kitty checked out.


Imagine my surprise when the vet told me not only was this kitty relatively healthy but also quite pregnant! Now I had a dilemma. I couldn’t let the poor thing give birth outside, so I sectioned off my basement with everything she needed, including a birthing box, and waited.


About two weeks later, Grace gave birth to six beautiful kittens, three boys and three girls. I named them Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Lucy, Bernadette and Penny. Once they were weaned, Mama Grace went in to be spayed. But when it came time to adopt out her babies, I couldn’t do it. I simply didn’t trust anyone else to take good care of my new little family. So all six were taken to the vet to be spayed and neutered and then brought home to stay. With me!

Story submitted by Patricia Heltke.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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