Family Cat Found Badly Injured and Near Death Makes Miraculous Recovery

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Our family adopted our 4-year-old tuxedo cat, named Maddox, in 2010 from a local shelter during their 4th of July adopt-a-thon. Maddox had been born into an animal rescue and lived in foster care until he was big enough to be altered and adopted out. We took him home at 12-weeks-old. He was so tiny, but he grew up to be a beautiful, regal cat with the biggest, fattest plume of a tail you ever saw.


Near Christmas when Maddox was a year and a half old, he went out our doggy door into our fenced yard as he usually did, but this time he didn’t return home for five days. Found badly injured and near death, Maddy managed to make it home, crying at the front door to be let in.


We rushed him to the vet and found out he was bleeding internally, had his tail broken on his spine, a busted bladder and a host of other injuries. It was a terribly scary time for all of us. Maddox wasn’t about to give up though; he has a fighting spirit!


He survived a grim prognosis, four surgeries and two tail amputations! He lost his ability to urinate on his own and had to be helped to go potty, but we didn’t mind, we were just glad he was alive. To keep his diaper on while his bladder healed, Maddox wore baby “onesies” for several months – one of the advantages of not having a tail! Maddox suffered many indignities and painful treatments, but he never complained or hampered us in any way.

Maddy has made a full recovery now and no longer wears a diaper and a “onesie”, but we still love to call him our Monkey Butt. Since the accident, Maddox has become so much closer to us. I truly believe he knows that his life was saved and he is grateful. Maddox’s story is a testament to what a strong bond between cat guardian and pet can do when faced with life and death situations. Love can make miracles come true!


Story submitted by Tracy Hill from Phoenix, Arizona.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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