Rescue Dog Crawls on Ground to New Cat Siblings to Let Them Know She’s a Friend

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Maddie is absolutely the most wonderful dog we have ever known. She was adopted from Muddy Paws Rescue, who had found her wandering the streets alone. When she came to us and met our kitties, she got down and army crawled to them showing that she was submissive and wanted to say “thanks” for allowing her to live with them.


Maddie is more person than dog. She is able to bring out a smile everyday just by being herself. She loves to sleep hard and loves to play hard. She has a football that is “her ball” and she has her rules about how we get to throw it for her. Her walks are more “sniffs” than walks, which I know just enriches her brain as I can just see the wheels turning in her head when she gets a new whiff of something.

Maddie loves to not only sit by us on the couch or in bed, she has to be touching us, too. My wife literally has about eight inches of bed to sleep on because Maddie keeps moving in. I could go on and on, so I guess the best way to describe Maddie is LOVE!


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