Badly Injured Kitten Who Would ‘Probably Die’ Rescued From Road, Defies Odds

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The week of Thanksgiving 2012, while driving to work, we spotted something in the road. As I passed, the something moved! It was small and light-colored. We turned around and braved the traffic on the busy road by stopping. The something was a kitten, a silver and grey kitten, but badly hurt. She had blood on her tail, part of it was missing, and wounds all over her head. We took her to our vet. They told us she would probably die from shock and blood loss. We said, go ahead and try to save her anyway.


Many hours and hundreds of dollars later, the kitten emerged from the vet with no tail, with a coffee stirrer stuck in her head to relieve fluid build-up, and very fragile. The vet said a possum had probably dropped her on the road and then a car ran her over. She would probably still die. We were determined to give her the best care. Two days later, the kitten was eating out of a dish, using the litter box, and making lots of noises. We did not know what to do, but were advised by my goddaughter who loves cats.

A week later, the kitten was alert and climbing everywhere, and she rode to Alabama for the holiday with us so we could look after her properly. She is fearless, but not quite right in her head. She seemed to see things we could not, and chase things that were not visible. Rather than put the kitten up for adoption, we gifted her to my goddaughter for her birthday shortly after Thanksgiving (with her mother’s full permission). The kitten was given the name Luna, after the character in Harry Potter – because Luna the kitty sees Nargles, too.


Story submitted by Elaine Kimberley from Houston, Texas.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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